It is vital to quickly fill rental property vacancies. Your rental property comes with its fair share of costs; you must pay the mortgage, taxes, utilities, and more expenses. However, a vacant rental property won’t be bringing in the monthly rent that you need to offset these costs. Taking the steps to fill rental property vacancies can go a long way toward saving you money and protecting your investment.

Do Research

Research the surrounding market to ensure that your rent prices are consistent with the surrounding area. You will be unable to fill a vacancy if you are asking for a far greater sum than other properties in the area. Asking too low a price, however, may leave potential renters suspicious regarding the quality of your property. Ensure that you ask a comparable amount to other rental properties in the area.

Incentivize Existing Tenants

There are multiple ways that incentivizing tenants can help to prevent vacancies. For one thing, keeping tenants on the property long term will minimize the chances of vacancies needing to be filled at all. For another, you should offer incentives for tenants that refer new tenants that end up renting with you. Tenants that live close to friends are also likely to stay on the property for longer.

Effective Advertising

Most people turn to the internet when they need to find a rental property. It is beneficial to optimize your website and ensure that it can be easily found by potential renters. Ensure that you have high-quality pictures of the rental property.

Place Signs

Something as simple as a “For Rent” sign can be an incredibly effective tool. It will allow you to fill vacancies in your rental property much more quickly. Its simplicity can be deceptive; it is always best to add a sign for passersby to see.
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